Direct Systems Australia provides a comprehensive package of high quality borehole surveying and geophysical logging services to the mining and civil industry. Standard services can be provided and/or tailored to suit the needs of projects and clients, with a broad range of equipment and expertise on offer.


Direct Systems Australia is willing to provide services in cased and open hole environments for historic and freshly drilled programs. Our fully equipped vehicles are able to service operations Australia wide.  We also cater to international and offshore projects with extensive experience in surveying, logging and directional steering across Africa and the Middle East.


Australian owned and operated Direct Systems Australia provides an extensive package of high quality borehole and logging services to the minerals and oil and gas industry. With over 15 years’ experience in both Australia and internationally working with mining market leaders Direct Systems Australia have built a strong reputation for providing top quality services using experienced personnel with state of the art equipment.


Direct Systems Australia can provide high quality accurate and useful data for the smallest emerging exploration projects to the largest producing mining projects on a call out or full time basis. Our innovative technologies and modern fleet ensure a wide range of services are available at short notice to make us your one stop service provider.

  • Natural Gamma
  • Acoustic Televiewer
  • Optical Televiewer
  • Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Side Wall Density - Co60 or Cs137
  • Duel Guarded Resistivity
  • Sonic - FullWave
  • DILS Conductivity
  • 3 Arm Caliper
  • Verticality

Borehole Directional Surveying

  • North Seeking Gyroscope
  • Passive 3 Component Magnetic Instrument
  • Magnetic Survey Instrumentation
  • Surface Surveying (DGPS)
  • Mud Motor Steering

Direct Systems Australia have successfully completed surveying and logging programs across the globe for the some of the world’s largest and most successful mining and exploration companies. We pride ourselves in our efficiency, professionalism of service and our impeccable safety record.


Location:    Solwezi - Zambia

Client:        Barrick

Scope:        Direct Systems Australia completed borehole surveying services for one of the largest drill out projects of 2011/2012, completing surface surveying collar pickups and rig line ups, North Seeking Gyro and Physical Properties logging.


Location:    Pine Creek – Northern Territory

Client:        Territory Iron

Scope:        Package service including Density Logging and Physical Properties including Natural Gamma, Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity, Directional North Seeking Gyro Surveying.


Location:    Kabanga - Tanzania

Client:        Glencore Xstrata

Scope:        Large Exploration project spanning 5 years including borehole planning and design, borehole monitoring, directional steering, all surface work, collar pickups and set outs and directional gyroscope work.


Location:    Orange - NSW

Client:        Newcrest

Scope:        Package service that includes Acoustic Televiewer, Sonic, North Seeking Gyro. Post Processing of data.  Providing services underground for a hydraulic fracturing program. 

The best high-tech tools, excellent service, serious cost savings!

Cutting Edge Tools

Direct Systems Australia offer industry leading equipment and back it up with years of mining exploration experience across the globe.

Serious Cost Savings

Experienced operators & supervisors with a deep knowledge of maintenance & spares required through years of working in remote locations. It makes sense to engage a professional outfit who care about the quality of data recorded and how they can help your project grow. 

Top Notch Service

Direct Systems Australia deliver data within hours of completing work, we offer full 24/7 around the clock service.   

Minimise Risk

With a better understanding of ground conditions through downhole survey and geophysics you will minimise risk for later operations be it mining or further exploration.
Petro Physical Logging
A large range of Physical Properties instrumentation for all of your logging needs.
Borehole Imagery

The Acoustic Borehole Televiewer provides continuous digital logs of oriented, unwrapped Images of borehole walls.

North Seeking Gyroscope

The instrument itself is the smallest North Seeking Rate gyro on the market. 

Magnetic Survey Instrumentation
For any uphole or QC check work you need done. 
Topography & Surface Surveying
Borehole collar pickups/setouts. basic infrastructure & DTM's
Borehole Design & Monitoring
We offer on and offsite hole planning designing and monitoring.

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