The instrument itself is the smallest North Seeking Rate gyro on the market. It incorporates the latest rate gyro and accelerometer technologies, in a compact and rugged design. Combined with advanced electronics and calibration software the instrument provides high accuracy performance, coupled with ease of use and affordability. 

The gyro sensor is a Two-degree-of-freedom, dry flexure tuned rotor gyro. The gyro provides electrical signals which are proportional to the angular rates about the two axes, orthogonal to the spin axis on the rotor. 

By measuring these rates, the DS-Northseeker can calculate the component of the earth’s horizontal rate of rotation seen on each gyro axis relative to its precise known latitude at the commencement of a survey. These measurements are then used to determine the boreholes direction relative to True North. 

The system consists of a Gyroflex™ instrument which can run on either an electric wireline connected to a surface power supply and PC, or in memory mode on slick / braided line or in drop mode.



  • Conductive Wireline mode
  • Fast Traverse Speed 60m/min
  • Calibrates Whilst Operational
  • Accuracy to 0.5% Measured Depth
  • User friendly software interface
  • Smallest North Seeking Rate Gyro on the market and eliminates the need for surface orientations.
  • 9 years proven reliability from manufacturers service division

Wireline mode the operation is fast and efficient. The instrument is placed in the hole and ran to the required depth for the commencement of a survey and within minutes of reaching the start point the survey can commence with real time diagnostics and communication with the instrument. In this instance the instrument is also very efficient in checking the orientation of wedges and directional motor work.

Survey Speed – can be traversed at the rate of 60m/minute whilst operational/Non operational in a borehole of gradual movement.

In-hole Calibration – takes one minute to effect whilst the instrument is operational. This can be conducted for every survey station or at intervals as determined by the operator to effect a more efficient survey. Normal gyrocompass survey recording stations take ~10 seconds to obtain.

Accuracy – Each survey station is an individual recording of a gyrocompass position. Manufacturer quotes accuracy of 0.5% for measured depth. The advantage of an individually recorded station is that surface orientation or drift errors cannot be carried through the data set or be exacerbated as occurs with other instruments.

Software – user friendly, with state of the art diagnostic applications so that the operators can in real time assess the operation of the instrument or post survey diagnostics can be performed remotely by management or if need be the manufacturer. The interfaces are easy to navigate and can be used for planning, projections, or show instantly how close the boreholes are to known infrastructure.

Size – 40mm slimline, 44mm standard.

9 years proven service history from the manufacturers affiliated survey division which is base in the oilfields of the USA.


Instrument Specifications

  • Inclination                                             +/- 0.1o
  • Azimuth -90oà-60o Dip                          +/- 0.5 o
  • Azimuth -60oà-20o Dip                          +/- 1 o  à 2Sliding scale on resolution as borehole flattens
  • Toolface                                                +/- 2 o
  • Positional Uncertainty                            0.5% of Measured Depth
  • Max Borehole Survey Travel Speed        : 60m/min



Temperature                                          : 0-204°C           (with thermal shield)  4-93°C (without thermal shield)