• Why use it?

    Magnetic susceptibility is used to ascertain how easily a formation can be magnetised.

    Alteration and oxidation zones from formations hosting Iron and pyrrhotite are the most common targets for delineation with the probe.

    This is a two coil sonde designed to measure apparent formation magnetic susceptibility.

    Field applications include

    • Grade control (iron ore) & delineation of the hardcap in magnetite deposits.
    • Uranium exploration
    • Defining mineralised zones and the various degrees of alteration in deposits.
    • Long term water well monitoring (salinity)


Sonde Model                          Two-Coil Sonde

Length / Weight /Ø:                1.2m / 4.0 kg / 45 mm

Frequency:                              2 kHz

Max. Temp/Press:                  75ºC/ 20M Pa


Instrumentation is produced by Geovista and operates with a digital data output in air/fluid filled boreholes


This is a bottom end Sonde however it can be ran in conjunction with up to 4 other modular units.  {ie Ngam, verticality, temperature, water level.. etc..}



Calibration values are supplied for the Magnetic Susceptibility. 

Our standard values equivalent susceptibilities are 0 x 10-3 {free Air) and 5 x 10-3 SI unit.