The sonde uses Piezo-Electric transducers for both the transmitter and four receivers. These have a nominal resonant frequency of 28kHz.

The sonde electronics for the receivers comprises a single PCB mounted at the top of the sonde and a single PCB mounted in the lower end for the transmitter electronics. The four receivers are contained within a single pressure compensated slotted sleeve assembly.

The transmitter is mounted towards the bottom of the sonde and is isolated by a polyurethane acoustic damping section. The transmitter crystal is mounted in a second pressure compensated assembly. Both the pressure compensated assemblies are filled with silicone oil and have compensation pistons exposed to the fluid pressure in the borehole.

Seismic Path Spacing FW_A TX1-RX1 60 cm FW_B TX1-RX2 80 cm FW_C TX1-RX3 100cm FW_D TX1-RX4 120cm