DDM : Directional Data Module

This instrument is run off the conductive winch wireline and generates a live display for the operator.

Therefore sample spacing’s for investigations can be altered easily to fit the requirements of the client and a stationary shot is taken for each position.

Effects of gravity can also be monitored dynamically.

Data is recorded to 4 decimal places

Slim Pressure barrels enables it to be used in 40mm PVC.

Instrument Accuracy

            Inclination                                               : +/- 0.1o

           Raw Azimuth                                          : +/- 1.0o 

           Operating Features:

           Pressure Case OD                                  : 38mm

           Pressure Rating                                      : 20000 psi

           Parameters Displayed                           : Inc, Az, TF, G(x,y,z) B(x,y,z) Temp



           DMS triaxial magnetometers.


          Temperature                                         : 0 - 125°C

           Shock                                                     : 1000g, 1/2 sine 1mS

           Vibration                                              : 20g rms 5-500Hz