Direct Systems Australia offer a fleet of North Seeking Gyros, Surface Readout Gyros and Magnetic tools for all your needs.

  • Diamond Drilling
  • RC Drilling
  • Surface and Underground
  • Steering
  • Orientation
  • Blast Holes
  • Pilot Holes
  • Raise Bore
  • Grade Control
  • Resource Definition
  • Brown Fields Exploration
  • Green Fields Exploration

North Seeking Gyroscopes


Direct Systems Australia use VES Survey International Gyroflex - North Seeking Gyroscopes and customized logging vehicles, Direct Systems Australia can complete downhole directional surveys in both underground and surface mining and exploration operations to depths of 2500m.

North Seeking Gyroscopes establish True North, eliminating the requirement for surveyed pegs or reference bearings. They are the most accurate, Gyroscopes currently in use in the mining industry.

The tool is ideal for directional surveying in magnetically affected ground where conventional multi-shot surveys are unreliable.

Direct Systems Australia has a fleet of 6 North Seeking Gyros on hand and always operate onsite with a backup either with the survey truck or can access another within 24 hours.