Geophysical logging is an efficient and effective to maximise the cost efficiency out of a borehole.

Standardised logging across a deposit can assist in quickly tracking the structures and features of the deposit which may not be readily noted by the eye. Geochemical alterations, faults, folds, mineralised horizons, and indicator minerals.

Finding the instrument which reveals the best features and most useful data from a borehole may take some initial trial and error, however once established it can be of great benefit as a visual aid, and determining whether core should be sent off for analysis.

Logging boreholes with an acoustic or optical telleviewer also has the advantage of a digital record of the borehole from which the structures and features can be analysed accurately without the potential error associated with orientations and core loss. it can also save on the need to pull large amounts of core out of storage to re-interpret models and features. Another not often noted benefit is that one can obtain structural information from RC holes, and a digital core equivalent to match up with the geochemical database. 

Direct Systems Australia has a wide array of commonly used physical properties data acquisition sondes with many years of experience collecting data from a variety mineralised environments.

We are willing to collect data from fresh and historic boreholes.

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